Suffer:Sweet / Solo Exhibition 2016

Suffer:Sweet / Solo Exhibition 2016

by Jang Onanong
16 August – 19 September 2016
at Li-bra-ry, The jam factory
Khlongsan, Bangkok Thailand

Sadness is not a thing that anyone wants, but happiness is. I have experienced some sadness, both happening with myself and others. I therefore realize that sadness does not stay with us for too long. It comes and goes away, and it would always come again with new stories.
When I look back into times sadness happened, some of them still burn into my heart, some of them make me smile nowadays, some of them result in delight and relaxation. Sadness has passed…and I can overcome it.
Art always reflect the appearance of its artist. This series of work thus consists of factors resulted from my mind: my perception of things that come and go in my life, my
remembrance, and stories that I was a part in. If my
remembrance is considered sadness, then I would say it is sweet suffering.

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Life is Art : Solo Exhibition : 2015 @Lixil Showroom, CDC, Bangkok

Life is Art : Solo Exhibition : 2015 @Lixil Showroom, CDC, Bangkok

“Life is Art”
Art Exhibition by Onanong Kaewsomboon
at LIXIL Showroom, Crystal Design Center (CDC)
The exhibition will be on view during November 1 – December 31, 2015

Every life carries on ….humans are born to carry on their lives, in their own ways, with
different contexts, different love and different tastes.

Art is a thing that unites with every life. Some might say those who can’t paint are those
who don’t have art in their minds, whereas in the matter of fact, the way they choose to
dress is already art. Including the way they choose to use things in everyday life as well.

The series of my paintings is also art. It is a part of living my life to create it by intending to
let the paintings depict the stories of my life and my interest.

The topics I am interested in or express might neither be grand nor explain any problem, but
merely be my love. I love art. I love to paint female bodies. I am interested in nature. Also, I
never forget that lives consist of beautiful elements owing to values of art.

Miss Hua Hin : mini solo exhibition @ Drip Coffee Huahin, Hua Hin, Thailand

Miss Hua Hin : mini solo exhibition @ Drip Coffee Huahin, Hua Hin, Thailand

mini art Exhibition
by Onanong Collection Onanong Kaewsomboon (Jang)
17 Jul-17 Aug 2015
at Gallery Drip Coffee Hua-Hin
Soi Hua-Hin 51 Naebkhehars Rd., Prachuabkhirikhan 77110 Thailand

Lined pattern drawing exhibition of Hua Hin’ girl who miss Hua Hin and have so much memories there. Her work that exhibits here is from her desire to draw. No pattern, no plan, it’s about her subconscious of things, friends, incidents, childhood memories and nature around her which shape her up today especially Hua Hin.

This small exhibition is the second exhibition of mine. Hua Hin had been choose due to it is my hometown and also my family and friends. I want people who known and unknown about Hua Hin to attend in this exhibition. Because after the first exhibition was ending on June 2015 at Bangkok. I had talked to people who came to the exhibition every day and found many people like this kind of artwork. However they feel, I am very appreciated. Because I had done what I loved. I’m so happy.
Beauty, happiness and expectation in the mind of each one is unpredictable and not same. Anyway I hope everyone will more or less enjoy of this exhibition. Thank you in advance, on this opportunity.

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2016 / Acrylic On Canvas

2016 / Acrylic On Canvas

miss : Size 100x120cm

bondage : Size 100x120cm

I’m thinking : Size 40x50cm
Fuji Eye : Size 100x120cm

Suffering Sweet : Size 60x80cm

Rest : Size 60x80cm

Sorrow: Size 40×40 cm

Disappoint : Size 40x40cm

Left: Size 40x40cm

Sad : Size 40x40cm

Untitle : Size 50x40cm

Untitle : Size 30x30cm

Tear : Size 30x30cm

Untitle : Size 30x30cm

Wait : Size 30x30cm