Onanong Kaewsomboon or Jang is visual communication design graduate . Before the time I started working seriously on art, I used to work as a graphic designer in an individual company, designing printed matter, Point-of-Purchase, from 2006-2014. I decided to quit the job to begin working on what I love. I submitted my works to Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. They were accepted and exhibited at People’s Gallery, (Bangkok, Thailand) under the name “Kwam Mai Som Boon Bab (Imperfection).” I later bring some parts of the works from the exhibition to continue exhibiting at a coffee shop in Huahin (Prachuab Kiri Khan, Thailand), because I was born in Huahin and want to do something good there to let my family and friends see. I named that exhibition “Miss Huahin.” After Miss Huahin, I started working on a new series of art for an exhibition belonging to a project called “Tum Dee Duay Jai Kuen Kum Rai Soo Sang Kom (Do Goodness with Heart, Get Goodness Back to Society)” co-working with LIXIL Thailand. I named this exhibition “Life is Art.”